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English 3: 1(A-B)
Instructor: Moore, John   
Welcome parents and students! To find copies of class notes, lesson plans, and assignments, look under "Files" and find the unit or concept that we are currently completing.  Most of the units have dates to make it easier to find information.

My grading policy is as follows: homework/classwork - 25%; quizzes/writing - 25%; tests/projects/papers - 50%.  Students will have 2 days for homework unless otherwise stated.  Late work is accepted for 10 points off per day with the lowest grade a 50%.  No late work will be accepted after grades are issued.

Any questions?  Feel free to email me at, which is the best and fastest way to contact me.  Students can message me from this page as well.  I can also be reached by phone (803-442-6100, ext. 119).
The Great Gatsby/1920s Project
Helpful link for MLA and PowerPoints:
MLA Literary Analysis - Helpful Links
1. "We Wear the Mask"
2. MLA Style:
3. Sample paper:
4. Writing a thesis statement:
5. Writing a literary analysis:
6. Research:
7. In-text citations -- See instructions below:
MLA Documentation: Using Parenthetical Citations

Give the sources of your information in parentheses as close as possible to the material you are documenting--at a natural pause or at the end of a sentence. Your parenthetical citation must give enough information to identify a source in your list of works cited; it must also give the page number on which you found the information.

The following examples illustrate two types of parenthetical references you will probably use for this assignment.

  • Work By One Author:
[Note: If you use the author’s name as part of your sentence, put only the page number in parentheses.]

(1) Wyman mentions that German miners in the sixteenth century used dowsing to find silver, copper, and lead (47).

(2) German miners in the sixteenth century used dowsing to find silver, copper, and lead (Wyman 47).

  • Poetry

[Note: If you are citing lines of poetry, use the word line or lines in your first reference and in subsequent references cite the numbers only.]

(1) “That the wind came out of the cloud, chilling / And killing my Annabel Lee” (lines 25-26).

(2) “In her tomb by the side of the sea” (41).
Online Versions of The Scarlet Letter
The Scarlet Letter - Electronic Versions
1. PDF:
2. Available on Kindle and iBooks.
3. Audio Books are available on by chapter. For example, Ch. 1-2:

The Scarlet Letter - Chapter Presentations - Due 11/13-12/9
Chapter Presentations for The Scarlet Letter
All chapter presentations are due on the date they are assigned. You will receive a zero if you do not present on the assigned day. You will receive a zero if you are absent, unless it is an excused absence. This project will count for two project grades. Each part counts for 25 percent of the project grade.
Part 1: Summarize your chapter. Be prepared to speak for 3-5 minutes. Provide a complete plot summary and demonstrate how your chapter fits in with what we have read so far. You must have examples of literary strategies such as irony, satire, symbolism, etc. Describe the actions of the major characters. In addition to your summary, be prepared to answer questions about your chapter. Explain important vocabulary. Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero for Part 1.
Part 2: Select one of the following options:
A. Make a poster of a major scene from your chapter and explain the scene to the class.
B. Think of a creative way to present information from your chapter to the class. You can create a map, graphic organizer, Prezi, sociogram, PowerPoint, or any other type of visual aid. You could even act out a major scene. The more creative the better!
You will be graded on the quality/effectiveness of your visual aid.
Part 3: Read a 3-5 paragraph key passage from your chapter and explain its significance in the novel.
Part 4: Create four questions for your audience. Incorporate these into your lesson. Test audience knowledge! Don’t be afraid to call on people to answer! Extra points: Create an activity that allows the entire class to participate.

Presentation date: _________
Formal Debate Rubric
Formal Debate Rubric: Points: (10 points each)
Hook/Attention Getter: Does the opening/closing argument engage/address the audience?
Thesis Statement: Does the opening/closing argument have a clear, strong thesis statement?
Preparation: Time and careful planning is evident.
Debate Procedures: Respect for debate procedures
Ethos: Does the opening/closing argument establish credibility? Does the speaker establish his/her own credibility?
Pathos: Does the opening/closing argument make an emotional appeal?
Logos: Does the opening/closing argument use evidence and research to support its claims.
Proper Citations for an Oral Presentation: All sources are cited appropriately with an oral reference.
Rebuttal: The rebuttal demonstrates careful planning and preparation
Presentation: Enthusiasm and professionalism
Link to Salem Court Documents
Link to Salem Court Documents:

Helpful Links for Article Critique
News Article - Due 9/16/15
CP2 and Honors:

Bring a printed copy of a news article to class Wednesday, 9/16/15. This article should be related to a current issue or problem in society.
Biography Book Cover Project
The Biography Book Cover Project is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, 8/25/15. Additional information can be found under "Files" on this School Fusion page. Text Messages
Text message reminders about major projects, homework, and upcoming tests/quizzes are available through To sign up, visit and enter the class code:

English III Honors: To receive messages via text, text @8da3e to 81010 .
English III CP1 and CP2: To receive messages via text, text @8909 to 81010 .

Discussion Topics
Web Pages
 Book Cover Assignment.docx
Book Cover Project Assignment and Instructions
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2015-2016 English III CP1 Syllabus
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2015-2016 English III CP2 Syllabus
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2015-2016 English III Honors Syllabus
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